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Creation Myth 
Joe Lomas, May 1964 

I. There was nothing but darkness. 2. This soil was not 
there; nor was there rock; only darkness existed, everywhere. 

3. Something was happening in that darkness; above the dark- 
ness something was going back and forth, this way and that, like 
fire, until an egg-like thing — two beings — dropped. 

4. Then after a while it (the egg-like thing) went away, dis- 
appeared. 5. When the same thing happens to people today, we 
say they have had a miscarriage. 6. Thus for the first time a 
miscarriage took place, just as it may happen that people have 
miscarriages [now], 

7, After a while the same thing happened again — the thing 
went back and forth in a straight line like fire, 8. It went back 
and forth, and again something fell, two beings, close together. 
9- Up there above the darkness, this (something) developed. 

10. This something was just like an egg, and in it they were 
alone, the heart of thenri. 

II. And they grew and grew, until they were big, and then 
they broke out of that egg -like thing, their covering, inside of 
which they were. 

12. Then they left [their shell] and one of them said 'I am 
older. ' 13. *No I am older, ' they were quarreling over who was 

14. Then the night made a noise. The night was singing. 
15. They listened to the noise nnade by the night. *Liisten, * said 
one [of them]. 16. 'What is going on there?* 17. *You said 
you were older; how is it that you don't know what's going on, ' 
said Temayawet. 18. It was T^mayawet who went on to say: 
'The night is rocking us, that's what is going on, ' ^^ 19- 'What 
I say is just what you would say, * said Mukat. 

mifkat pen t^mayawet 
Joe Lomas, May 1964 

I, p^*^ tdkmiyat mfyaxwen '^fv'^i '^u • mun pa'^ miyaxwen peqi 
warn tukmiyat, 2. ^i? temal sawa»qal qawis sawa* qal peqi warn 
tukmiyat miyaxwen'^ah, '^u*mun. 

3. per|a'^ pe pe"^ tukmiyat peqi qamiyaxqal man, peta '^ika 
pewiwlemqal '^ika pewiwlemqal '^i-ka '^umun ku'^ti '^ayaxqal, hani 
*^ay per|a pepacaylawqale wih, we*vu'**uy '^ayaxwe'^n. 

4. pe*^ '^ika yer|ilewqal pe*^ ''^ika caqe hi-sceqal '^ika, '^ika 
caqe cuxqa*^!. 5. pe'' pe '^P taxliswetem pis hem'^iyaxwenap 
'^iv'^ax, qamiyaxqal pen hempumiwen hemyaxwe'^n. 6, pe*^ pe*^ 
pe per|a man taxkukulqal mulu'^nuk, pis hem'^exap taxliswetenn 
pis henapunaiwenap, qamiyaxqalepa"^ 

7, ''ariapa yal yer|ilewqal pe '^arjapa ce'^iyaxqal pe '^ay '^ika 
pewiwlennqal ku'^ti perjki '^ika. 8. '^ipika '^ika pewiwlemqal pen 
"^ariapa pepacaylawqal ''eriax wih, suncih. 9. petja peta '^ayax 

10, perja caqe we»vu'^uy ^^ayaxwen, per^a petuk pa hemqal'^e 
pa henrtkiyawen pe"^ hemsun. 

II. han '^ay per|a hennwelwen man henawelwen, ^'ay 
hem'^a'^avukwen per|a pe "^ayax pika pe»mcekapalwen pe'^iy 
we-vu'^uy per|ki»cih, hennpunay, pa hemwenivey* 

IZ. pe-qa pe '^^yax hempfswen pe'^, taxat, yaxqal suple ne'^ 
ne'^ hen'^a'^avawet yaxqale. 13, ki'-'^i xigP ne^ hen'^a'^iva yaxqal 
pemnawaswen taxat hax'^^i ''a'**awuwet pis miyaxweniveh. 

14. p^Tia pe yal pe*^ tukmiyat periax memleqal taxat, taxmuqal 
pe'^ tukmiyat. 15. nne»mleqal pe pe»nnnaqmawen he'', yaxqal. 
16, hice'^a ku pe'' nnan miyaxqal yaxqal. 17, ha* yaxqal pe ''e 
''en''a''iva ''lyaxqal nnexenuk kil pe''e''nanqale yaxqale, pe'' 
temayawet, 18, per^a pe yal pe yaxqal ku pe'' tukmiyat pe*^ 
ceme''aqyawve nnan miyaxqale yaxqal. 19. '^ay peqi niyaxqal 
''e peqi ''etyaxik pen niyaxqal yaxqal taxat, mukat. 

*0 Cahuilla Texts 

20. That was the state of things, 

21, After a while he (Temayawet) said, *I think it is tinae 
for you to tell how we lay [in the egg] and how we came out. * 
22. *You are the one [to tell it], * said Mukat, 'You say you are 
older, so you should tell it. * 23. 'Alright, * said Temayawet, 
and plucked a song [from within him]. 

24, Then he sang about how they lay there [in the egg] and 
how they grew — what I (the narrator) sang about yesterday. 
25, That song came from within hina. 

26. Mtfkat, made his song the same [as T^nnayawet's] but 
a little different, 27. That was the state of things; and that's 


why my songs always come in two. 

28, That was the state of things. As time went by they 
grew. They floated somewhere high up, up there, for there 
were no roots; all that there was was night, 

29, Then they were ready to create the earth. 30, When 
they had agreed on that, they went to work. They took frona 
within them something called a cane, 31. They both took out 
their cane, as in my song 'You two creators, take out your cane, ' 
which is about their taking out [the cane], 32, Then somehow 

or other each set up his stick, 33. And on top of them they 
created this earth. 34, Te'mayawet made the earth white; what 
the other one made was darker. 35, That is why the earth is 
sonmetinnes whitish, sonnetimes dark. 36, Such were the crea- 
tions of these two. 

37, As they were finishing the creation of the earth, water 
started to flow from the noses of these beings. 38. Where it 
came from nobody knows. It happened simply because they were 
extraordinary beings; 39. so is that being whonn the white people 
call dicTs; di6s too created everything.^' 

40. These two were of that kind [creators]. Well, they 
finished creating the earth. The song that I sang yesterday was 
about that. 41, Then they set about creating people. 42. They 
worked with clay — we are made of clay. 43. He (Temayawet) 
molded his clay, and quickly put it aside. 44. Mdkat said *I 
wonder why you did that. 

Texts with Translation 41 

20. peria'** pe henn'^iyaxwen yal taxat. 

21. '^ay yal yeT]ilewqal pe'^, yaxqal ha* pen '^acemia '^iv'^ax 
'^ax'^iyaxnenQ qamexenanuk pis ceinqalve'^a qannexenanuk pis 
cempisive'^ah, '^ax'^iyaxnem yaxqale. 22. pen '^e'^ ku yaxqal 
taxat, muk '^e^ ku hen'-^a'^iva *^iyaxqal pen '^e? ku ^lyaxnem yaxqaU 
2 3. ha* yaxqal, pe^iia*^ pe naxa-s man ^ayax pekusqale taxmu'^ay 

24. pe''r|a pe qamexenuk pis hemwenive qamexenuk pis 
hemqanive pe'^iy pe"^ pe ne*^ pe^ pe tuku pe'^ pentaxmuqal. 

2 5. pe*^ pei^a "^P pekusqal. 

26. pe"^ taxat mukat perja ceper|a mariax pis ta» v piyaxeqal 
taxat, taxmu'^ay. 27. '^lyaxwen per|a man pe^ pe'^is pe wih 
taxnnu'^at tuhayimanici neken netaxnnu'^ah. 

28. pei^a hem'^iyaxwen taxat '^ay yerjilewqal pe*^, "^ay 
yeriilewqal pe hemwelwen '^ay *^ika pennce'^exanwen ta '^evan caqe 
caqe, caqe qahicai^a ^ipa caqe ''^awsunika, wal'^a kile miyaxwen 
caqe peqiwen, tukmiyat. 

2 9. per|a pe '^ay nnan "^ayax pe* m'**ayawen tenaa'li peykulkatem. 
30. perja pe '^ayax pe- nnnanvayaxaniwen hennhawuwayniria hani 
'^ayax pe-mkukulwene pe» nripisaniwene qahiceay hemhuyanaxay 
hemyaxwen. 31. pe'^iy pe-mpi^psaniwen pe*^ pe ne*^ pentaxmuqal: 
hani pisaniyenn '^enahuyanaxa niyxqal p^*^ p^rja pi^ pe- mpfsanive. 
32. perja pe pe-nnciskemiwen per|a pe *^ayax qamexenuk wam. 

3 3, per^a pe man temali peta pe-mnukwen '^iviy. 34. '^i 
tevisnekis pekukulqal temayawet *^i tulnek '^mis "^ayaxwen kula 
temal. 35. pe'^is pe 'h temal '^inis supul tevisnek pe supul 
tulnek. 36. '^exenuk '^lyaxwen hemkul'^a nnewih. 

37. pe'^iy pe-mcu-mmwen pe'^iy tennal hemnukay hemurjax 
yal pika pisqal pal waneqal ^ayax qahiceann ku pe?, 38. qamivax 
neken kile hax'^i pe'^e'^nanqal, sunaxwenepa*^, '^^am qahiceam. 
39. mu '^iviy m^lki^em hemtetiyaxwenive '^ayaxwen dio ' s 
hemyaxwen; '^lyaxwen dio-s, hicemiviy pekukulqal. 

40. pe'^em hem'^iyaxwen hemqalve; han '^ay pe'^iy pe*mcu* - 
mlnwen '^fviy temali taxat; pe*^ netaxmu'^a. pis qal ne'^ tuku perja 
pe nnan netaxmuqal. 41. hani ^ayax perja pe me»nanukwen 
taxliswetmi. 42. yuli-ci pe- mkukulwene; cenn ^isyulicenn '^i. 
43. pe*^ el pekukulqal taxat '^f caqe wen miiyaxeqal havun '^aca'^e 
pe*^, te'mayaw*»t, 44. n:iukat taxat '^emiyaxwen yaxqal ta. 

42 Cahuilla Texts 

45. Then they pulled out their pipes and their tobacco, and 
they lit the tobacco, and as they smoked they made light. 
46. Mifkat made some light so that they could see their crea- 
tures. 47. Then Temayawet looked at the creatures which were 
there, and saw with surprise that they had four arms and four 
legs and eyes all over. 48. Their fingers were joined together. 

49. Mifkat said, *Your creatures are bad, not at all good. ' 
50, 'Their fingers are like that so that they can scoop up things 
and nothing will drip' [answered Temayawet]. 51. 'Haven't you 
looked at my creatures?* [said Mtikat]. They do this with their 
hands [he cups his hand] and nothing drips. 52. They have [only] 
two eyes and can turn in every direction. 53. They have two legs 
and can turn around. * 54, 'No, ' said the other* dissatisfied: 
'I don't think they are right that way. * 

55. *It*s not right that sickness should exist, ' said Temaya- 
wet; 'sickness and exhaustion should not exist. 56. It's not 
right. We like our creatures, so they ought to be free of sick- 

57. But Mukat said 'No, that won't do, thev must have sick- 
ness; the thing we were hatched in [the afterbirth] is bad, bloody 
and violently steaming; that is why they will have to have sickness ! ' 

58, 'No, ' said TImayawet, 'it' s not right that they should 
get sick and die. They should live forever. ' 59. 'They might 
crowd the earth if they were to live forever, ' 60, 'We can do 
something about the earth. We'll nnake it wider. ' 61. 'They'll 
run short of food. ' 62, 'We'll make things grow that will bear 
fruit year after year. * 

63. They continued to argue. 'No, ' they said, and they were 
not able to decide anything. 

64. 'Well, * said Temayawet, 'since you don't like my crea- 
tures and the things I have created, I shall leave, and take these 
creatures and the rock and the sky and everything else with me. ' 

65. 'No* said Mukat, 'How could you possibly take every- 
thing with you? A few of these creatures will remain with nae 
and be mine. ' 

66. Then Temayawet went into the ground after gathering 
together the creatures they had made; 

Texts with Translation 43 

45, '^aSenaa ycLxqal hani '^cLyax pe- mpfaanlweu hemyiiliy; 
pen '^1 piva'^ti pe*napi*psaniwen hani '^ay pe'^iy pe'mcutwen pis 
pe-mhatinwene pe'mpivawe. 46. peTia piyk meytehuyktena pe 
hat* piyaxe yal ta*^, mukat. 47. ^i temayawet nukam ''ipika 
hemqalve pete*wqal pete»wqal puti "^i he'^ma'^ el "^i '^ipa'^ miyaxwen 
he'^naa'^ pen supul hem^i "^ipika wiciw hem'**i'^ ''^ipika, he'^ma'^ 
wiciw, '^ipa hempus wen '^ipa '^unnun ^ipa*^. 48. he'^nn.a '^umun 

49. '^elelema '^et "^ekulam kile '^acenia yaxqale pe"*^, mukat. 
50^ ki'^i yaxqal "^i '^lyaxwen hicemiviy pe*nihivinwen hicenaivi 
kile silipi ki'i yaxqal. 51. ha- yaxqal kil pe'^te»wqal '^r* ne' 
nenukann; he'^may '^axpe*nnexaneni pe kil hicea pesilipi yaxqal. 

52. '^1 hempus wiw pen '^ipika hem'^elas'niypi miyaxvven '^ipika. 

53. hem'^i wih pen "^ipika vukmenipi mfyaxwen yaxqa-l* 

54. kPi yaxqal taxat kil pa*^ayawqal; kile "^^acema yaxqal ta***. 
55, kile '^acenaa mukwenet kil pemiyaxwenap yaxqal; kil 

pemiyaxwen mukwenet taxhayinwenet yaxqal. 56. kile '^acema 
nnis cem'^ikluwe pe "^exanuk '^ax'^iyaxwenem yaxqal. 

57. pe'' yal taxat mukat yaxqal kPi yaxqal kile '^a'Senna 
yaxqal hemcexpi miyaxwen "^P pe miyaxwen pa'-^emqanive '^i 
'^ipa pewen ''elelk^is, hice'^anni '^ewel hice'^anai miyaxwen '^aca'^e 
mululqale ku pe*^ pis herncexwenap yaxqal pe'^. 

58. kPi yaxqal kile '^a^enna yixqal kile hempe"6exwenap 
?aqe he»maxnem tuhayinaani'Spa'^, 59. kfi temali pa»mteminpulu 
'^iviy 2'a henaqalve. 60, '^axpiltemkukulnem temali "^axpi^fem- 
hilk^ininena. 61. wayikiwenet '^axmehayinem yaxqal. 

62. wayikiweneti picemkukulnem pe*^ tuhayimanis ?etuni?nem 
tawpaxici tawpaxici yaxqal. 

63. pe taxat hennemlanwen "^exenanuk, ki'^i yaxqal pe kil 
taxhemhe • "^anwen qamiviy pi? s^wa»qal. 

64. ha* yaxqal temayawet ^e^ kil me'^ayawqal nenukami 
netl.vami pe ne"^ '^axneriiynem '^iviy nenukay temali qdwici tukva^Ti 
'^unaun hicemiviy peman ner|iynem yaxqal. 

65. kPi yaxqal mexanuk "^ace '^axpe^yuriiynena '^iimun 
taxkiya'^lawnem '^mis k^anar] ne'*' nennexan'^ah yaxqal, mukat t£xat. 

66. puti peT]a yaxqal '^ay taxat per|a puti pekuleqal temarja 
^^y temal henanifkam miyaxwent temaria pekuleqal pe^em nukami 
nnecemaqinqal naema'^an pekuleqal pe'^em, 

44 Cahuilla Texts 

he took them into the ground. 

67, Now T6nrxayawet wanted to take what we call the sky with 
him, and he started to squeeze it into the earth. 68. The whole 
earth would have followed him, but Mukat held onto it. 69. He 
held it in place. 70. He knelt on the creatures and held on to 
the sky. 71. He could do this, because he was a mighty man. 

72. Then the earth started to shake and temble, and to 
bubble up in places, and the rocks piled up. 73. It was terrible, 
but that was how they behaved, 

74, After a while it became quiet again. 75. Left behind 
were coyote, palm tree, Eagle-Flower, and the fly. These were 
T^mayawet*s creatures. 76, These had been left behind; they 
were frightened and clung to Miikat. 

77. Then he finished their hands; he tore open the hands of 
the palm tree, which is why hands are that way. 78, And he 
finished coyote's eyes again, two times two." 79. The fly had 
nnany arms. 80, And to this day the fly has many eyes — a 
thousand. 81, These creatures of T^mayawet's were left behind, 
82, They are still in existence, 

8 3, That is what the creatures were like. It had become al- 
together quiet again. 84. The moon was already there; they had 
taken it out, so that they could look at their creatures. 85. Mukat 
had taken out the sun. 86, But the sun disappeared over there 
into the earth. They brought it^* back. But they could not prevent 
it from going again. It went into the earth over there. 

87. Only the moon renaained as they looked at the creatures 
and at everything else. 88, It is still up there, like a lamp, 
89. And they all lived together in this way. 

90. The nnoon made the creatures play, for she is a wonnan, 
91. She carried them to a place where there was water and made 
themi dance, 92. And she coloured each of them, all the lizards, 
all the rattlesnakes, all the black and white snakes, all these were 
coloured by the moon. They are her paintings. She carried them, 
she made them dance, she carried thenn back again, and she made 
thenn dance and play again, 

93. Time went by and woodpecker didn't know how to dance; 
even today he flies up and down going *eoo ! *eoo ! *eoo ! , and so 
does red-headed woodpecker. 94. These creatures didn't know 
how to dance. They just couldn't learn. 

Texts with Translation 

'^{'•ka t^mayka p£x'^i miva'^pa hi^ilew'^i ta^. 

67. puti yal tukva'S, ^emyaxwen tukva?, pe^ pa''£yawqal 
pekulika temayka '^ipika pes^tika. 68. '?{' temali ''umun pey£wqal 
peykf»ni'£ika. 69. p6ti n£xa»? pey^wqal '^fpa. 70, p^'^ nukam 
metameciwen "^ipika peyawqal "^iviy tukva* ci. 71. qahicea ku 
pe*^ sunaxwenepa*^. 

7Z. peTja puti r|ila»qal temal ''i caqe tawk*» yax'^i '^ipa 
pemumlulanqal temal cemuma'^aqiqal qawis. 73, pe^ man 
^elelek^aJ taxat '^^xanuk '^lyaxwen pe'^em hemlmiyaxwen taxat. 

74, peqi ye»r|ilew peteklulawqal. 75. hemkiyalawen yal 
pe''r|a '^P , *^isil, mawl, '^aswet se'^ih, pen ''a^awet, **! pe*^ pe 
temayawet nukam, 76, pe yuknicem piyk hempekulilewene pe*^iy, 
mukati man hemkiya'^lawen, 

77. pe'^ per|a pe he'^may '^ay pekukulqal pe'^iy, mawl he'may 
pesasluqanqal pe'^ hema'' ''lyaxwen ^iV^ax, 78, pen ''isil taxat 
'^ika h^pu'S wiway '^^'qapa pekukulqal h^puXi, 79. pen ^i '^i'^awet 
hema'^ metewet ku pe'', 80. '^iv'^ax pe ^i hepus me»tewet %?awet 
suple mi •I. 81. pe'' tennayawet kulam pe'' hemkiyalawen. 
82. '^iv'^ax nnian mu hemqal ''ivina. 

83. per|a hena'^iyaxwen ''ay taxat ?ayax, ''ay ^u»mun hicemivi 
tetekluqal per|a. 84, pe ''i*' me^nil hiwqal ''ay hempi*sani''ah, 
piyik meytehuyktem hemnukam. 85, ''i yal taini''ti pisanigal» 
naxa»s, nn.ukat. 86. pe tamyit pekuleqal ''ika temaT^a ''ika 
pekuleqal pe^nnyawaneken taxat kile miyaxwen pis pe»mexap pika 
metahici''i ''i^ka temar|a pekuli ''ika, 

87. *'i menil peqi kiyalawqal hiwqal pe'' piyk me»mte*wenive 
hemnukam hicemiviy piyk me*mte*wen, 88, mu hicemivi 
lcL*iTipada ''ayaxwen, 89. ''exenuk ''lyaxwen pe hemqaPeh, 

90. pe'' menil *^ivim memalisweneqal iiicil yal pe'*'. 
91. meyawiceqal ''ika pal miyaixwen hemnukam yaw per|a hici ''ika 
mecer|e''neqai ''ivim. 92. pe mek^ak^a''isneqal '^ivim hicemivim, 
payul ''ivinn hicemivim, tataxsilmi ''umun hicitete sewtam hicemi 
''u»mun paluklam ''linnun pe'' mek^ak^a^isneqal menil pe'*' 
k ak a isniyam, meyawiceqal mecer|eneqal '^ika meyawiceqal 
periax ''ar|a pa rjiylewqal mecerjeneqal memalisweneqal cemyaxwen 

93. per|a ''ay yer|ilewqal pe ''i yal tavis kil pe''e^nanqal pis 
cerjenpi pe'' pe'' pen ''iv''ax hir|qal pen ''ew ''ew ''ew yaxqal ''i 
kupanil, 94, ''i kil pe*m''enan pis hemceT]enpi, pe • mtumawe^n. 

46 Cahuilla Texts 

95. After a while Mukat started to think, and he took arrow- 
weed and slit it. Then his creatures threw things at each other, 
catapulted them at each other. The father naade his creatures 
play. ^* 96, The moon was watching them. 

97. After a while Milkat said, *'Why don't you go over there 
where bannboo is growing and gather the ones that are growing in 
the middle. 98. They went to get them, but when they found thena, 
they were dissatisfied. They didn't want dry ones; they wanted 
fresh ones. 99. They brought them [to Miikat] and he said, 'No, 
those are no good; they won't do. ' 100, He put thenm on top of 
the house where they started to dry up and shrink. 101. *Look, 
those are no good. Go again and bring the ones standing in the 
middle that are quite dry. ' 102. They went, and canne back with 
bamboo stems that were quite dry. 103. 'Those are good, ' he 
said, and he put them aside. 

104. Then he nnade bows and arrows for them and put them 
aside. 105. He straightened the shafts and finished off his work. 
106. He piled up many shafts. 

107. 'Now then, ' he said, 'take one of these and you'll be 
ready to play; half of you go over there, and the other half stay 
here. Now shoot at each other, 108. You'll die, but you'll come 
back again. ' 

109. They were frightened at what they saw [was about to 
happen]; they didn't like it. 110. 'There's nothing to be worried 
about, * said Taku^, who was the first elder. 111. 'There's 
nothing to be frightened of, ' added our creator, our maker. 
112. 'Ijook, do it like this, ' he said, and took an arrow and wrap- 
ped it around himself like a belt. 113. Then he worked the arrow 
into his body until it came out of his back. 114. 'Look, do it like 
this, ' 115. He rubbed his body. 116. 'Let's do it like that, ' he 
said, 'It's really nothing. ' 117, 'Let's do it like that. ' 

118. Finally both sides took up their arrows. 119. Some of 
them were on that side, and some of them on this side, and they 
started shooting at each other. 120. And many of them fell down 
and died. 121. Their blood flowed away. 

122. As the end drew near, they became frightened, and left 
off [shooting]. 12 3. They stopped [shooting]. 124. When the 
people saw what had happened, their hearts were heavy, and they 
leaned on their bows. 125, They were crying. 

Texts with Translation 47 

95, '^ay yal yeT]ilewqai ku pe^, pesicuminqal, pekukulqal 
hariali peqapinqal pen pika taxhempesasqa*nwen, taxhemumanwen, 
memalisweneqal pe*^ hemna kuPah. 96. ?i menil n:iete»wqaL 

97, '^ay yerjilewqal pe taxat yal, menu'^inqal hicitet^iy, 
"^emhicipul '^ika, peT]a hiwen paxal peqi nawxaria hiwen pe'iy 
pe'^enn'^aynem yaxqal, 98. pe hemhiciwen yal pe?, hennhiciwen 
pey'^ayiktem pe*mte^wen '^elelema waxis kil pe'm'^ayawen, pe*^ 
warn pe-m'^ayawen palneki'^'ci, 99. pCTnyawpiswen yal taxat 
pe*^, kPi '^et kile '^aca'^e "^elelema "^et yaxqal. 100, pika 
pewenqal kis peta pe? waxqal, cesukulqal. 101. te» warn ?i? 
kile ?aca?e w^xayi ^aqa pa hiciam perja nawxai^a hiweneti 
pe'^enn'^aynem ?aca?e waxay. 102. hemhiciwen taxat pe?iy 
pe»myawpiswen ta'^, paxal ?acay, waxi»ci. 103. ?i pe?pe ?aca?e 
yaxqal pe? perjax pewenqal. 

104, per\a? pe huyay pekukulqa?!, hemhuyay pekukulqa?!, 
cukinapi?ci, ?alxawili pekukulqal pewenqal. 105, ?u»mun 
pecuminqal hu?li pehuhluneqal. 106. pemu?aqanqal metewet 

107. hani yaxqal, ''ayax hivinam '^eti pen '^erja ''e^mamisewnem 
'^^riax ?emw^we'^nann k^anarj, '^ipax k^anar) ''emwewenem, pen 
tax'^e-muma'^neni yaxqalel, 108. ''ax?emcexnem yeyax yan '^ariapa'^ 
'^ax'^empisnem yaxqal. 

109. pe taxat pe»nnte»wen pe«myukiwen kil pe*ni''ayawen taxat. 
110, kil hicTe^a niinik'**i yaxqal ?et takus pe?pe hiwqalet ?a?awuwet 
yewi nnulu?nuk. 111. "^et kil hicea nninik '^aca^e peyaxqal 
cemeynukis cemeytavis. 112. pe^enfi?exanenn te* yaxqal pe huyali 
pekusqal tepeqa^n piyaxeqal. 113, ?ipika peqacinqal ?ay ?ika 
pi*salawqal ?ipika hululuyka huya?li. 114, pe?em?exaneni te"?. 
115. cemawayqal taxat. 116. te» pecem?exanem yaxqal ?ay 
'^I'pa kile hicea miyaxwen. 117. pecem'^exanem yaxqal. 

118. ha* pe? pe* mhrvinwen ta?, huyal namkir^a?. 119. ?eriax 
hemwewenwen ?ipax hemwewenwen ?ay taxhe-muhwen ta? taxat. 
120. puti me^tecem hemcaviwen hemcexwen ta?. 121, huti 
"^ewel yal waneqal ta?, hem'^ew. 

122. ?ay hemcumilewen ?ay hennyuknalawen taxat taxhennLqaxn- 
iwen taxat. 123. he •mwewenwen taxat, 124. peria pe taxatem 
peTnte*wen hemsun '^elelek^al cukinapi peta hemu?r*ivawen taxat, 
125, peria pe hemr|a*r|wen taxat. 

48 Cahu: 

126. One of our songs tells about these happenings, but I don't 
know that one, although I know a number of other things. 

127. Well, they didn't like what had happened, and they 
felt unhappy about it. 128. After a while the spirits of the dead 
came from the west. 129. They played tricks as they came; 
'They're here again, ' [said the people, ] but the spirits passed by 
and were gone as quickly as the wind. 

130, The spirits passed by again and continued towards the 
east, in that direction. They were noisy, and laughed and played 
tricks as they went. 131. *They are here, ' [cried the people, ] 
but the shining fire -like spectacle disappeared in that direction. 
132. They attempted to go east, in that direction. But they 
couldn't go any further, and they returned, laughing and playing 
tricks as they came. 133. Then they disappeared in the opposite 

134. There was nothing more for them to do, so they rose 
up into the sky and came back again. These spirits had nowhere 
where they could go, 

135. There was a man named Muntakwet, a man with magic 
powers; the white men still tell stories of such a man, ^^ 

136, This man felt sorry for the spirits, 137, With a stick he 
made a hole in the ground pointing south, the direction in which 
Telmekis lies, 138, The spirits streamed into this hole. 
139- Muntakwet went with them, though he certainly is not dead, 
140, There they live to this very day, under the ground, those 
spiritis from long ago, 

141, Now the Indians didn't like [what had happened]. 

142. They discussed among themselves what they could do. 

143. They held a nneeting, and decided that they would kill 
Mukat. 144. But there was no way to kill hinn. 

145, Then the woodpecker said: 146, 'Just bewitch him! ' 
147. And to this very day one can hear the woodpecker saying 
'Piam! ' [bewitch him! ] 

148, 'Good, * they agreed. 149. They were ready to have 
him bewitched. 150. They told the lizard, that big lizard that 
sits on the tree trunk, 'You must sit up there in the night and see 
what he does. You must stay there. 151. We shall come to 
where you are, to the place where we go in. Make yourself small 
like this, clinnb up there and creep in and stay there. 

Texts with Translation 49 

126. pe pe^ pe JTemtaxnau^a pe' piyk miyaxwen pen n^ kit 
pen'^e'nan pe'^iy, suspul wih per^ki pen'^e'^nan. 

127, per|a'^ pe yal '^ayax kil pe'm'^ayawen hemsun 'elelek^al. 
128, pe'^em yal tewlavelem per|ax yer|ilewqal "^ipax qawiT]ax 
hemneken taxliswetem. 129. huti hemkanavivaneken yal taxat 
hemneken hemyaxwen hempepuywen '^{'••pa peniceqal ya'^i ^ika. 

130, '^eriax tamyatiax hempeniplswen '^ipika tewlavelem, 
hemrjila* vaneken hemsemvaneken hemkanavivaneken, 131. '^ay 
hempiswen '^^••pa caqe peni^ceqal '^{•ka qahice'^a, ku'^ti per|ki 
hatiwen taxat. 132, '^ipika pe* mn^ma* nwen t^mamka "^fka 
hemhiciwen, '^ika mutemilewen hemrjiylewen '^arjapa hemsemvaneken 
hemkanavivaneken. 133. pen caqe henncuxpuliwen '^pa'^, '^eriax 
kicaria namkirja. 

134, '^ay kile mexap miyaxwen *^ay tukvaS '^amika heinca'^aqiwen, 
periax hemi^i-lewen kile mivika nniyaxwen pi? hemhiSipi *K 

135, hiwqale naxa-s muntak^et hemyaxwenive, pu»l naxa*5, 
mu "^i mielkicem hemtetiyaxay '^ayaxwen. 136. pe naxa*s 
mesunweqai pe'^em tewlavelem, 137, huyanaxay pis peceqapalqal 
■^i temal temayka telmeki«ci cemyaxwen cem. 138, per|a pe taxat 
pa*^ hempesululwe'^ne taxat, tewlavelem. 139. p^ ncCxa*? 
muntak^et nneki^nqal kile muk ki'^i, 140, '^ika hemenew hici 
"^i^'ka nntiva'^pa henaqal '^ivax temal petuk, taxliswetem, yewi 

141. perja pe '^ay taxat kil pe»m''ayawen "^vim taxtem, 
142, ''ay hennkuktaswen tahuyka qapennexanpulu hemyaxwen yal 
taxat, 143. he^maqiwen pe'^iy mukati pe^nr^'^ayawen peymekniktem, 
144, kile mekenuk pe»meknap miyaxwen, 

145, '^ ta'^ tavis hiwqal man yaxqal. 146, caqe piam yaxqal 
yal taxat, 147, pe '^1 tavis pe'^n^qmupulu piann, yctxqal taxat,. 
''iv'^ax mu pekuktasqal, 

148, perja pe ''acema hennyaxwen pe^mhe • ''anwen, 149- per^a 
pe '^^yax peypr»katem, 150, pen nnulak t^taxasiT '^f k^lawet 
n^^wet, p^'^iy pe^mmi'^inwen '^ax'^efl^^nem '^^'qa mciviypiS '^axpe^t^*- 
wnem pi? qamiyaxqaleve, '^^'qa ''ehfw?la?na, 151, p^r|a ^empi*Snem 
'^e-qa ?empepaxpuliwen pe-qa siika suka '^fyaxnem p^r|a pe'^cLwaynem 
c'en'^e'^nil peria "^ahiwni^nem. 

50 Cahuilla Texts 

152. Watch him during the night, * they said. 

153. Well, it was at about this time of day^^ that the man 
named lizard clinabed up [the tree], 154. As soon as the sun had 
risen, he kept looking at it. 155. He was looking in the direction 
of the sun, and he still does so. 

156. Time went by, and soon it was twilight. The people 
arrived, and the moon came and made them dance. 157. Then 
lizard nciade himself small in the middle and went down. 
158. The lizard made a sign to the people and went in sonne- 
where. 159. Mukat, however, was asleep. He was lying with- 
out nnoving, this father of theirs. 

160. Then he got up, and as the people were sleeping, he 
left them, leaning on his cane as he went. 161. He went a great 
distance in that direction. 162. There was the ocean which was 
his toilet. 163. He went out [into the ocean] to drop his feces. 
164. He broke wind *Boom ! ' 165. After a while came a second 
'Boom I ' He was defecating. 

166, Lizard knew what he was doing and told the people. 
167. The people said 'Good. ' 168. 'Go to where he is and try 
to lie flat in the water. ' There is a variety of worm called 
'going -flat -into -the -water. ' 169. After [he had stayed under 
water] a while, he came up. 

170. He tried [to stay under], but after a while he lifted him- 
self a little; he had to come up, for he couldn't rennain [under- 

171. 'Why don't you have a try, * said the people to Frog, 
'Just sit underwater and don't move. ' 172, Frog tried, and he 
managed to stay underwater. 173. And so he was the one who 
was to bewitch Mukat. 

174. Then the people went away. 17 5. Then they went honne 
and Frog was left alone there. 176. He stayed there by the toilet. 

177. Soon it began to get dark and the people fell asleep, but 
Frog stayed there, 178. And in the night Mukat went to drop his 
feces there. 179. Then came a noise 'tchhh ! ' 180. 'I wonder 
why it sounds like that, * he said. 'Yesterday it wasn't like that. * 
181, He (Mukat) took his cane and poked him (Frog) with it again 
and again. 182. The marks made by the poking can be seen on 
frogs to this day. 

Texts with Translation 51 

152, pe'^te»wnem maviy pis hemyaxwen. 

153, huti naxa-s tataxasil pecawayqal '^ay tamit '^lyaxwenepa'^ 
warn. 154, pe pe'^ pe '^ayax tami*ti tew piyaxqal pe taxat» "^ay 
pisive tamit ku pe*^, pe tamit pisive ''ayaxwen. 155. peria*^ pe 
pe'^iy piyk pete»wqal, '^iv'**ax mu '^lyaxqal. 

156. '^ay per)a pe yeriilewqal* '^ay payqal hempiswen 
mecerjenvaneken pe*^ menil. 157. pe'^ perjael pe '^ayax nawxai^a 
suka suka '^am yax'^i ta*^. 158. hani '^ay pika mivika pax 
m.etetiyamaxqal pe'^, tataxasil. 159. '^lyaxqalel caqe kupqal pe*^ 
kil -qila^qal pe hemna per|a tacawen taxat, mukat. 

160. pe'^ pe-qa k^e'^eqeqal pen hiceqal naxay peta pe»»ria 
hemkupwen metahiceqal. I6l. pisalawqal '^i»*ka hiceqal, 
162. pe*^ pkl nukat pe per|a mfyaxwen pa"^ pfsiva'^ah. 163. p^-qa 
pfsalawqal k^a'^ay pewiciqanqal. 164. memleqal yal pe r|enen* 
/axqal taxat. 165. '^ay yer|ilewqal '^ariapa wis qenen* yaxqal 
taxat, wiciqanqal k a'^ah. 

166. peT]a pe '^i tetiyamaxqal pe'^e'^nanqal mulak pe'^iy. 
167, per|a pe '^ayax, '^acema hemyaxwen ta"^, 168. "^i 
'^ax'^ehicinem peqa pen, pe'^namaynalu par^a taca taca, qahice*^a 
srvuyal hiwqal parja pax taca, yaxqal ta*^* 169- pen mawa 
k e'^eqeqal, 

170, p^'^ pe n^manqal p^T^a yer|ilewqal pe ^aqe k^^'^e* yaxqal 
kile miyaxwen pis hiwiiaspi. 

171. "^e*^ pe'^namaynalu hemyaxwen yal ta waxacil, '^e 
'^enasqal pal petuk pen kil '^erjila^qal qa'^ennexalu, 172, pe 
penanna»nqal pen pal petuk hiw»qal waxacil. 17 3, pe'^ pe*^ pe 
'^ay peypi*'^nax, 

174, "^ay yel perja pe*nahiciwen, 175, per|a pe "^ay 
hemr|i»lewen perja waxacil pa*^ kiyalawqal. 176, peqa pa'^ hiwqal 
taxat pe*^ pe pisivar|a, 

177, '^ay mavilewqal per)a pe '^ay, hemkup'^i pe'^enn '^fvim pe, 
pe peria waxacil hiwqal ta***. 178. huti ''ay pe hiceqal maviy pis, 
per|a '^ayax k^a'^ay pewiceqanqal ta, 179. puti caxwel* yax'^i 
yal ta*^, 180. nniyaxwen yaxqal ta, tuku "^ayax kile '^lyaxqal taxat, 
181, pe*^ pekusqal huyanaxay pe^iy pis peqaqcen^eqal. 182, pe*^ 
'^rpa waxacil pe peqacin'^a ''ipa mu nniyaxwen ^iv'^ax. 

52 Cahuilla Texts 

183^ Once more he did the same thing [defecated] and again 
it sounded like *tchhh ! ' while he was defecating. 184. And 
again Mukat said what he had said before, but he could do nothing 
about it. 185. After a while he became ill; he became some- 
what weak. 186. He exannined himself. 187. They had be- 
witched him. 

188, Frog went away, taking all that foul stuff with him, 
and he went to the water, where he threw it in. The creatures 
that lived in the water ate it all up and carried it off in all direc- 
tions. There was nothing that could be done. 

189. Now Mukat somehow felt tired. 190. And *I felt it in 
the water, ' is what I sing in my song. *My body was weak, ' I 
sang yesterday. ^Something has happened to me, ' I sang yester- 
day. 191. Those were Mukat's words. 192. He went home and 
stayed there, and while he examined his body he sang song after 

193. And my songs tell what happened, *I noticed it in the 
water' goes one song; 'My body was weak' goes another, *Some- 
thing has happened to me' [goes a third. ] Such are nny songs. 
194, 'My own house [people] has hit me' goes the song. 'The 
water has hit me. ' Thus Mukat spoke, and he made guesses and 
gradually understood [what had happened to him], 

195. The people were singing with spirit. They were helping 
him, responding with their song. I96. When he sang *My body is 
weak, ' they took it up and sang back to hinn 'Your body is weak. ' 
197, That's why those songs are the way they are and why two of 
my songs always go together. 198. These songs sung by his 
creatures were responses. 199. When he said 'My state is such 
that I shall probably die, ' they responded with 'You will probably 
die. ' 200, That is how I sing my songs. 

201. Then his body got worse, 202. Coyote was taking care 
of him, 203, But then Coyote went off, far away, taking all the 
droppings with him; he even swallowed and consunned them. 
204, Now when his father saw this he did not like it. 

205. When his condition was such that he was near death, he 
said to them [knowing that he was going to die], 'Soon I shall be in 
such a state that I shall die, and it might even happen that Coyote 
will eat me up. 206. Therefore you must tell him about my 
creations over there, about Sun-Fire and Rock-Fire. 

Texts with Translation 

183. p^ yal "^^riapa ?e'^iyaxwen pe ^r|apa Cfax'^el* ydxqai 
wiceqanqal. 184, puti taxat '^ai^apa yixqal kiTe m^xap naiyaxwen, 
185, 'qi»lewqal pe per|a pe '^ay taxaw ^elelek^al taxaw pe?ar|alqal 
qamiyaxqaL 186, perja pe taxnanna^nqal taxaw, 187. pe»mpi»'^i. 

188. pe*^ waxacil pisqal pe'^iy penman hiceqal '^{•ka par^a 
pewicaxnaluqal pe'^iy* '^elelk^ici hicemiviy pe'^iy per|a "^unaun 
hicemiviy par|a kiktem pe'**iy pe^nnk^awen peman hemhisciwen 
'^i'ka, kile mexenuk pemexap naiyaxwen ta, 

189. peria pe '^ay hiwqal taxat pe tawxhayin'^i qamiyax'^i. 
190, pe pe*^ pe ne'^ pen parja penamayn'^i niyxqal netaxmu'^ah, 
netaxaw car|aPi niyxqal, tiiku niyxqal, qahice'^a nnan nemexan'^i 
niyxqal tuku. 191. pe'' pe'^ pe naxa» s naukat hawawa'^ay, 

192. pisqal '^ay hiwqal hekirja taxat '^ay taxnania»nqal, p^r|a pe 

'^1 naan petataxnnuqal taxat. 

193, pe netaxmu'^a nniyaxwen qamexenuk, par^a penamayn'^i 
yaxqal, netaxaw carjali yaxqal, qahice'a man nemexan'^i yaxqal, 

'^exenuk miyaxwen netaxmu'^ah, 194, neki man nenaiih'^i yaxqal, 
pal man nennuh'^i yaxqal, yaxqal ''exenuk pa'^ta'tvanqal ta, 
pe'^enalaw'^i ycqilewpa'^. 

195. pe '^i'^ taxliswetem '^ayax he s pen '^ay taxnnuqal pe'**iy 
pe*mi''ivanwen taxat, pe* nnnaxciwen. 196. netaxaw car|aPi 
yaxqal pe pe '^etaxaw car^aPi hennyaxwen nmawa pe*mkuswenive, 
pe* nataxmuwenive. 197. pe'^ pe '^exenanuk pe'^iy taxnau'^a^ti 
pe'^iS pe*, n^'^ netaxnau'^a wl»wi tuh^yinaani^ pe taxkf'nqal, 

198. pe'^ena nukam hemtaxnau'^a pis pe^mnaxcivey. 

199. ne'^iyaxnem nenauknena hemu* tuna yaxqaleve ku p^ p^'^ena 
henataxnauwenive '^enauknena hemu^tuna hemyaxwen ta. 

200. '^exenuk '^lyaxwen tuku netaxnau'^a ne'^. 

201. pen peria pe '^ay '^elelk^elawqal taxaw. 202. ''isil pe'^ 
petecek al el peT)a taxat. 203. puci pen pepiy ^sil hicemiviy 
han '^ay wicaxnay pe'^iy peyawi^eqal penaeiik^aqal pek^aqal pe' 
'^fsil ta, 204, puSi taxat pete'wqal pe h^na kil pe'^yawqal. 

205, per|a pe ''ay muka miyaxqal peria pe taxat naan y^xqale 
henaeyik ''ay muka pe''e''nanqaleve ''acenaa ''fv^'ax ne'' ''axne'^iyaxnem 
pen nenauknena pe, caqe qanaiyatxwen pis mexive taxat hema 
nek anem ''axnek anem peqi yaxqal Tsil. 206, pe ''ika 
''axpe'^enanu'^inena ''I'-ka p^iqa pe nafyaxwen nendka net^v'^ah, kht 
n£n''iwet yaxqal, t^nayakut, q^wikut. 

54 Cahuilla Texts 

207. Tell him: *Go over there and then come back, bringing 
with you Sun-Fire and Rock-Fire; these creations of mine will eat 
me up, will consume me in the end. ' 208. The creatures agreed 
to do as he said. 

209. Then he died. He was dead. 210. And Coyote sat there 
and sang for him- 211. He had sung four of the songs, 212. when 
the people came up to him and said, *A little while ago our father, 
our creator and maker, said that you should go over there and bring 
back Sun-Fire and Rock-Fire to burn our creator, our naaker. ' 
213, 'Alright, ' he said. 214, And he stopped singing, that man, 
and ran away as fast as he could go. 

215. He had already gone a long way, and his body felt strange. 
216. He turned round and looked back and they (his people) said 
'Don't look back! ' 217. When he looked back, he saw smoke ris- 
ing from a fire. 218. *So that's what you're like, my brothers and 
sisters. I was mistaken in you* he said. 219. And from there he 
went straight home. 

220. He made his way home with great speed, that man. He 
pulled at the earth as he sped towards them. 221. The Levi family 
sing a song about this. 222. I don't know their song. 

223. The people watched him conne. There was still a little 
bit of their father's heart left. 224, The rest of him was gone. 

225, They nnade a circle around the fire, this crowd of people. 

226. Badger was also standing there and he was snnall, 227. There 
were a lot of people. 228. And Coyote arrived and said *Make 
room for me so that I can see my creator, my maker. ' He went 
round the circle but they wouldn't let him in. 229. There was an 
opening, 2 30. And he jumped through it to the fire, and went to 
seize his (father's) heart- 231, He took it and junaped out of there. 

2 32. Then he ran off, and the runners like the ferret and the 
fox and the wildcat chased him, they all chased him. But he was 
a good runner and got away from them. 

233. He came to some far away place. 234. His father's 
heart he put away. 235. There was clay there. 236. It was made 
into an olla. ^ 2 37, He laid it (the olla) in a particularly hot place. 
2 38. And so the olla came to be. 

Texts with Translation 55 

207. pe'^iy pe'emnu'^inem '^e '^ehicina pei^a ^a '^acenaa yaxqal 
'^ehicina '^ax'^ehicinem peiia pe huT)ayka '^ipB? pa?, "^i pehivin 
maniwet paqiwet, pe'^iy '^axnek^anem, temal nenuk'^a, netav'^a ^i 
'^axnek^anem '^ipa hurjayka yaxqal. 208, pe'^iy peTnhe»'^anwenL 
taxat, nukam. 

209. pe'-qa '^ay muqal taxat, muk'^i pe*^, 210. huti "^isil 
nasqal pei^a petaxmuneqal. 211, wiciw pehivinqal taxmu'^a'^i, 
212. pe'^em cerjeye'^anwen yal taxat, tuku yaxqale cemna'^ 
cemeynukis cemeytavis, pis '^ehicipi '^ika pis '^ekululawp 
tanayaku'^ti qawiku'^ti pis peycutkatem '^iviy cenneynuki'^ci 
cenaeytavi'^^ci. 213. ha« yaxgalel taxat, 214. puti ^acema 
yaxqal taxat, pe peqanrxiqal taxmu'^ay man hiceqal ta naxa*s, 
pe'^ivaqal '^I'-ka, hespen hiceqal ta''. 

215. ''ay yal pe*piy hicilewqal perja taxat taxaw si» yaxqal 
qanniyaxqal taxaw. 216. ''elas yax'^i yal taxat pete»wqal kile 
''ela'S'nina hemyaxwen, 217. ^elasrjiqal pete''*wqal kut muy yaxqal. 
218. ha* ''em'^iyaxnem pe hemu'^tu ''emenepasem ''emeneqisem, 
''enrieria neta'^alqal yax'^i yal taxat. 219. per|ax pe caqe 1^1- lew 
yaxqale taxat. 

220. huti rji'lewqal naxa*s hespen taxat, '^i yal temali 
pecewipisqal pen pei^ax sun?i piyik yaxivaneken ''ayax pe?ewipisqal 
pu*l n^xa*!^. 221. t£xniu''ay pe'^em ''ivim sewaxilenn. pe* mt£xmuwen. 
222. kil pen'^e'^nanqal pe^'em taxmu'^ay. 

22 3. ''exevaneken pe*nritewen yal taxat nekipa'' ''ayax pe'' 
hemna'' hesun ^ay ''ivi ''ayaxwen kiyalawqal. 224, ''ay ''umun 
cumalawqal. 225, puti pis hempekavivaneken pe''iy ku''ti nriete''cem 
taxat. 226, Tpael hunal hiwen pe ''inisil taxat. 227. nnete'^'cenn 
yal, 228. huti yal taxat neken Tsil pisqal Tyaxam pa'' pentehuyk, 
neynuki**^i neytavi»?i yaxqal ta pekavayhiqal pe, kil pe •nnyerjinwen. 
229. perja hakawen. 2 30. puti pepuceqalel taxat pika ku'qa'', 
pulilewqal pe hesuni pekusqal, 231. taw piyaxeqal, per|ax ''a-qapa 
pepu^eqal Tka. 

2 32. perjax ''ika pe''ivaqal taxat, puti pe*mnemiwen Tvim 
nanxa*cem, ya''iktem wilal ''iv''i qawisis, tukut, ''ivim hicennivim 
''umun ''ayax peTnnenni'' taxat, huti ya''ik max pi''iva yal ta''. 

233. ''I'ka pe'' picelawqal per|a, 234, pe'iy hena hesuni 
petavqal pe''. 235, tesel yal per|a pewen. 236. taxkukulqal tesel. 
237. nfiivapa per|a petavaluqal pe siwma ku pe''. 238, pe peria 
pe tesel wen. 

56 Cahuilla Texts 

2 39. When this was done he went to a far away place and ate his 
father's heart. 240, He ate until it was all gone. 

241, There he remained. For how long? A nunnber of days. 
242. And then he started off from there towards home. 

243. As time went by and he was on his way honne he felt 
worse and worse and he became very thin. 244. He was going to 
be ill. 

245. Well, he was going along, looking rather thin, and as 
he went along there was a noise behind him. *Liisten!' He didn't 
like it at all. *Who is making fun of nne ? * and he tried to guess. 
246, It was just his body that made this noise as he walked. 

247, Then he arrived. 248. And he stayed there, 
249. *Good. You must build a house for me and on top of it you 
must put me and place me, and there I shall stay and talk to 
you, ' he said, 

250, 'Alright ! ' they said, and put him and placed him on top 
of a wooden structure, 251, *It's collapsing !* he said, and they 
took him down. 252. That is how he treated them. He made fun 
of them. 

253. He went some distance away and took some leaves from 
the Cottonwood tree. 254. *This is naoney; put it away! ' he said. 

255. He put it away and it dried up, so he threw it away. 

256. He gathered some weeds and said •These are beads ! * 
2 57. He brought them [to a place where he] stored them. 

2 58, He wanted to hold a doll fiesta [a memorial ceremony] 
for their father. 259. And so he collected all sorts of things. 
260. They watched hina and they didn't like what they saw, for the 
stuff was dry; they threw it away, 

261. To prepare for the fiesta, he went towards the ocean. 
262. There he gathered beautiful pebbles and all sorts of beads 
and precious stones. 263. He gathered them and brought them 
back; they were pretty, those pebbles, 

264. Then he prepared a doll fiesta for them, in memory of 
their father. 265, Long ago the people followed this custom; long 
ago they held doll fiestas. But the custonn died out long ago; it 
vanished long ago, 266. Nowadays the people don*t do these things 
anymore. 267, Today they follow different customs. 

268, So Coyote gave a doll fiesta for his father. 269. At that 
time the people's doll fiesta had its beginning. 

Texts with Translation 

Z39. '^lyaxqal '^i-ka picelawqal peT)a pek^aqal hena he'sun. 
240. pek^a'^i '^umun cumi'^i taxat. 

241. '^fka hiwqal qamik tamit, metewet tamit '^inis "^ayaxwen. 
242. '^^y yal periax r|i'lewqal taxat. 

243, huti "^ayax r|i»lewqal taxat '^ay yerjilewqal ku pe' caqe 
taxaw '^elelek^al taxat yawiqal taxat. 244. '^ay muka taxat. 

245. puti neken taxat, yawis miyaxwen yal taxat, neken pe 
pe yal m^mleqal taxat nekipa'^, huriayka taxat, pena[qmaqal], 
huti taxat kil pe'^ayawqal taxat, qahax*^! man nis kukusqal yaxqale 
pe taxat, pa*^ tatvanqal. 246. peqi nne^'mleqal taxaw hiceqalepa^. 

247. pe''r)a picelawqal. 248. per|a hiwqalel taxat hiwqal. 
249. '^a'fiema ki'')Si '^axpe'^enriyulnem, ''eria ne'^enatcivnem '^awsun 
'^e'Via ne'^emp^tineni pe, '^er]a. nehiwni^nem "^^r^ax penhciwuwani^neni 
'^fka y^xqal. 

250. ha* hemyaxwen pe^mtavwen '^awsun peta peTnwenwen 
kelaweti. 251. '^ay neceqapiqal yaxqale taxat "^ika pe*ni''aniiniwen. 
2 52. nne'**exanqal mis kukusqal taxat. 

253. '^ika hiceqal pihivinqal '^eti lavalvanet palay. 254. "^ivi 
qicil '^1 yaxqal, wenam '^ika yaxqal. 255. pe'^ pewenwen pewaxqal 
pewicixanqal. 2 56, ''iviy huati pe'^ayqal '^i qenxatem '^i yaxqal. 
257. peyawpisqal pewenqal. 

258, pe*^ pe'^ayawqal he^'nnnay peynukik, 259* pe ^i nnan 
pehivinr)iqal hicemiviy, 260. pe yal taxat pe«mte*wen taxat kil 
pe»m ayawen waxay pe* nnwicixanwen "^ika. 

261. "^ay ta*^ peynukik taxat man hiceqal "^ika pkl nukat piyik. 
262. pe^ria pehivinqal qciwi? '^a''*^ay hiSemiviy q^nxatmi hfcSe'^ami 
WtfLT^am, d^ynnend w^Tiann. 263, pe wam pehivinqal peyiwpi^qal, 
p^lawenet, qiwi^i pe^'r^a. 

264, per|a pe'*^em pis penuqale henay. 265, pe'^ pe ye'wi 
taxliswetem pe«mnemiwene me*mnukwene yewi yewi cux'^i ye^vi 
peni^ci'^. 266. '^iv'^ax pe'^^iy periki»ci kil pe*inkukulwen. 
267, '^iv'^ax supuli pa'' pe^mnemiwen hicemiviy. 

268. pe-qa pe nuk'^i henay naxa«s '^isil. 269. pe'^ perja nnis 
taxkukulqale pe'' pe'i-ja niiyaxwen pe. 

58 Cahuilla Texts 

And at it the villagers danced and went around the house. 

270. Coyote prepared it (his fiesta) long ago; he was connmemo- 

rating their father. 

Z71. They all lived there together; but from the time that 
they killed their father they no longer prospered. They wept and 
wept day and night; they were in a dreadful state after they killed 
their father. Z72, They couldn*t calm themselves. 273. Since 
they were always in this state, they considered how best to rid 
thennselves of their sorrows. 

274. And so they invented what we call the hiding game. ^^ 
275. They took hold of a star and rolled this star under sonne 
earth. 276, And they [divided the ground] in three [parts]: 
277. *Here do it this way! ' *Here make it go back! * 'Here do 
it this way I * 278. And somewhere in this area they surreptic- 
iously put the star. 2 79. And then what one had to do was to find 
it. 280. 'It*s over there ! ' you might say, and if you missed it 
they nnight take your eye out. 

281. They did as I have said; the different kinds [of creatures] 
played the hiding game, the bat, the buzzard and the goose. All 

of them have their own [peon] songs. 

282. They prepared the ground, and as they cleared it they 

283. *^avava*s ki* mula* ki» 
'^ i • '^ava • s ki* nnula* ki* 
hu*ya* '^iya* nnula* ki* 
hu*y^' '^iya* nnula* kf* 
'^{'•'^ava^s kf* mula* ki» 

They sang as they cleared the ground in preparation for their 
hiding ganne. 284. They stopped. Coyote was singing the song 
a little differently. 

285. '^iva*s ki* nnula»s ki* 
'^i»'^iva»s ki* mula*s ki* 
hu*ya» '^iya* naula* ki* 
hu»ya* '^iya* mula' ki» 

sang Coyote, 

286. When they had finished clearing they played the hiding 
game; all the creatures — the snakes and the bats and cottontail 
and jack rabbit — they all played together. 

Texts with Translation 

cerienqal pe "^ipa pe kiktem ''ipa ki? pil hempekavaywen pa''^. 
270. pe '^isil pe piS pekulve yewi, heinnay penilqaleveh, 

271. p^ peqa pe'^em '^ayax ta, hemqal '^umun hiJemi taxat 
^^Y* '^^y hennnay pe* nri^knanuk kile '^^'JSek^e hemqal '^umun 
taxat, tanai*ti tukma»ti hemria^riwen yal taxat hennTia»r|wen 
hem'^iyaxwen hemnay pe^meknanuk. 272. kile hemcemiwen 
taxat. 273, henn'^iyaxwen txihayimanis pa'^ pe^nnsicumilawen 
taxat, hemsuni pi^ qayipi taxhemsunwe'^ah. 

274. pe man pe*mkukulwen '^rviy hicitete'^i taxnenr|i''lih. 
27 5, su'^weti pe'nnkuswen pe su'^weti pe pe, temar|a pe •mpilinwe'^ne 
pe su'^we'^tih. 276, pen '^exan paxria'^an pe*^. 277. '^pika '^exa'n, 
'^fpika Tiilewnl' , '^ipika '**exa*n. 278, pe-qa naiva'^pa tav 
pe*nnyaxiwen su'^veti. 279. pen pe per|a pe pe'^tewap naiyaxwen 
'^ipa nnrva'^pa. 280. '^ipa'' qal '^lyaxap miyaxwen perja 
pe'^qatiwqalepa'^ '^e^ "^epuci pe^mhivinpi miyaxwen. 

281, pe'^em '^iyaxwen yal taxat '^unnun '^e'^exicem taxhena- 
neneqwen taxat, palil '^iv'^i, yur|?avis '^alukul '^vvi, pe'^em 
hemtaxmu'^a nainniyaxwen. 

282, pe per|a pe-nnkukulwenive temali pe»mqayinwenive 
''ay hennyaxwen, 

283, '^avava's ki* mula* ki* 
^i»''ava*s ki* mula* ki* 
hu'ya* '^iya* mula* ki* 
hu • ya* "^iya* naula* ki* 
"^i • ''ava* s ki* mula* ki* 

hemyaxwen yal pe taxat pe* nnqayinwenive "^ay mawa pa*^ 
taxnenriiktenn. 284. pe*naqamiwen '^i '^xsil taxat pa*' petaxmuqa^'l 
man yaxqal mariax ''ayax 

285. ''iva's ki* nnula* s ki» 
''i*''iva*s ki* mula*s ki* 
hu*ya* ''iya* mula* ki» 
hu* ya* ''iya* mula* ki» 

yaxqal ta TsiU 

286. '^ay pe* nnqayinwen. per|a pe pa'' taxhemneneriwen ta, 
unnun ''e'^exicem, sewet ''ivinn, palil ''ivim ''unaun tavut siPis, 
Tvim taxhennne'^ner|wen taxat. 

60 Cahuilla Texts 

287. Coyote defeated them. 288. He had power over the 
star. 289- They looked for it, but they couldn't find it. 

290. But Coyote put it down and pushed it; he winked a bit and 
the star disappeared in that direction for it was in his power. 

291. In this way he defeated thenn and took away their eyes. 

292. He took the eyes and put them away, leaving thenn without 
eyes. 293. The container was filled with their eyes, 294. He 
did that to make fun of them; he alone rennained unharmed. 

295. The man called Ferret was watching them from fara- 
way. 296. He looked into the distance and saw how they were 
treating one another. 

297, 'Well, ' he said, *so there you are, my older sisters 
and my younger brothers; and here ann I, sadly roaming about 
here and there. ' 298. So he moved off: he took his shoes off and 
ran, conning closer. 299. He reached them. They watched him 
come. 300. They were gathered there. They had got up. 

301, Then Ferret slipped in and they didn't see him. 
302. Coyote didn't see him. 303. As Coyote was about to hide 
[the star]. Ferret got hold of it, gained control of it. 

304. He was winning the ganne against Coyote. 305. He 
(Coyote) played the hiding game and Ferret played too, 306. And 
Coyote said *It's lying here ! *; but the star somehow moved to the 
other side. 307. So he defeated Coyote; he defeated him absolute- 
ly. 308. He emptied out all the eyes. He had won back their eyes 
and he put them back [where they belonged]. Then they went home, 
each to his place. 

309. Ferret had defeated Coyote and the creatures were once 
more whole. 310. In the end he (Ferret) defeated Coyote, and 
then killed him. 311. He put Coyote to death. 312. Thus Coyote 
was gone and didn't play tricks on them any more. 

313. The people were left by themselves. 314. Some of the 
people were watching the hiding game; after a time they didn't 
like it any more; these people went away and, so it is said, turned 
themselves into rocks, 315. They went here and there, and 
transformed themselves into herbs and sticks. 316. During their 
travels they spread out over the earth. 317. They broke their 
journey in order to settle down, but they could still hear them 
[the people in the village ] crying. 

Texts with Translation 61 

287. ''i ta '^isiT memumukneqal taxat. 288. pe ''isil 
te'^aywa miyaxwen pe taxat. 289, pe perja pe pe*mha»lwen 
kile miyaxwen pis pe-mtewap pe''. 290. perja petavqal '^isil pe 
yaw piyaxeqal pe '^i mak* yaxqal pe ''ipika pax- yaxqal pe 
sir*wet, te'^ayawah. 291. '^exenuk pe'^enn memukneqal taxat *^i 
hempuci pehivinqal ta. 292. '^i» ka mewenikawqal ta, '^ay 
hempus '^I'^ive ta. 293. ca'^al pa*^ meteminqal ta''*, hempuci. 
294. me'^exanqal ta mis kukusqal '^isil taxat '^ay peqi kiyalawis. 

295. '^xpax pen "^i naxa»s petewqal "^ika wilal. 29^. pi"ka 
per|a pis taxhem'^iyaxwen pepiyka petewqal ta^. 

297. ha* yaxqal '^erja tum ^em'^iyaxwen '^emenepasem 
'^emeneyulenn, '^1 '^ipa ne' sunikati penkusriiqal nenemive yaxqal. 
298. perja taxat rji»qal waqay pehupacenqal pen penemiqal, 
hiceqal man hiceqal sunci qahice'^a. 299. ''I'ka mepicelawqal 

ta pe*mtewen nekipa*^. 300. '^ayax taxhemcemaqinwen taxat, 

1 w ^ ' 

taxk e* msiyaqinwen. 

301. pel per^a naxa»s ca paxalu yax'^i wilal kil pe*mte*w. 
302. ''is il kil pete* w. 303. perja pe "^ay taxat pe ^isil 
penerianqalepa*^, pe taxat wilal perja ''ipa yaw piyax'^e caqe 
yawalaw piyax'^i ta. 

304. pemukneqal ta '^isil. 305. perja pe '^ay pe taxat 
pener^anqal pe', wilal pener^anqal pe*^. 306. pe ta '^isil '^ipa'** 
qal yaxqal pe '^ipika suplis pax yaxqal pe^ sir*wet, qahice'^a. 
/^07. pe*^ '^exanuk pemukneqal '^isili ta*^, pu* ti yal ta pemukne'^i 
taxat '^isi'**li. 308. ku pe meqayinqal pe'^em hempuci '^umun pe 
pemukneqal hempuci '^arjapa nnewenqal perja '^ipika hui^ayci 
hemyaxwen hemrjiyikawen mivika pika. 

309. pemukne'^ '^isil pe wilal '^um pe mecuminqal '^arjapa. 
3 10. '^isil hayvika pemukne'^i, pemeknalaw '^isi'^li taxat. 
311. pemeknan'**i "^isil. 312. '^ay sawa'^qal '^isil ''arjapa kil mis 

313. hemeqi pa*^ hemkiyalawen perja hemqal. 314. '^ay pe 
taxnenrjili pe-mtew'^i pen "^ay yerjilewqal pe, '^ayax kil pe*m'^ayawen 
supulem man, supulem hemrji*lewen '^ipika taxhennqawinwen 
hemyaxwen pe*^. 315. hemneken '^ipika miva'^pa samati kelaw^ati 
taxhenacusmumiwen. 316. pa*mneken '^iviy '^umun temali 
pahennpesayvaneken, 317. peqax neken hemnaspuliwen mu*^ 
pe*mnaqmuwen '^ika pe'^em hemrja*rjwen ta. 

62 Cahuilla Texts 

318. From there they travelled further, but they could still 
hear the same thing, the people crying. 319, Day and night 
[the people cried] and they were frightened. 320, They went 
on until finally there was no more crying. 321. Finally it was 
quiet, and they went here and there to settle down and some 
turned into herbs, others into sticks, 322. Some turned into 
rocks, as the story goes. 

32 3. That is what the people did on their journey, so it is 
said. 324. The mountain-lion and the wild-cat and the others 
all went in different directions; they separated from one another. 
325, They began to fill the earth, 

326. Coyote was gone. They had killed him. If he had 
stayed alive, he would have gone on making fun of them. 
327. They did as I have described — the people scattered all 
over the earth. 328. That is how they came [to where they now 
live] after they had killed, after they had bewitched their creator, 
their maker, their father, as I have told you. That was how it 

329- And today we are the youngest generation. Each of us 
has a first ancestor; I have one as well whose name is . . . 
330. Now what was he called? Recently Beristo mentioned his 
name again. 

Texts with Translation d:> 

318, nnu'^an hemhiciwen pcqax mu cepe pika pe» mnaqmuwen pe 
hemria'rjwen ta. 319. tamit tukmiyat pe pe'^em hemyukiwen. 

320. hemneken taxat per^a ''ay sawa*qal per|a pe taxat. 

321. ''ay teklu'^i taxat, per|a pe*mna?ikawen ''ika Tpika Tvim 
man samat kelawat taxhemcuminwen siipulem. 322, hennqawiluwen 
cemyaxwen cem. 

323. hem''iyax''i ''i taxliswetem pe pe'^ pe nukatena hemhiXive 
hennyaxwen. 324. ''iVi ''iswet tukut ''ivim hennhi§?iwen 
hemwawxamwen. 325. Tvim ''umun temali pahempet^miw^'^m 

326, pe ''I'sil sawa»qal taxat pe-mekani taxat hiwniSpulu 
mas mis kuspulu taxat. 327. hem'^iyaxwen ta ''ipika Tviy ''umun 
temali pa hempesaywe'^n taxliswetem, 328. "'exenuk hemneken, 
pe^melcnanuk pe-mpr-nuk hemnukay hemt^vay, meytciviXi ku pe 
niyxqal, ''exenanuk '^lyaxwen. 

329. ''i ''iVax nnan pa'' cemqaPe cem hemu'^an, ?emr|£^am 
hemqaqalr|i ne'' ner|a''a hiwqalet, hiXitete hemyaxwen. 
330. hiyaxqal tuku ''ariapa pe veri'stu teway piyeixe'^i tci. 



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